The history of the Devon Rex began in 1960 in Great Britain:

Miss Cox found a kitten with a curly gray coat who lived in a feline colony
in a mine in Buckfastleigh (Devonshire). Curly-coated cats had already been born
approximately ten years previously with the appearance of the Cornish Rex or poodle cat.

Mis Cox adopted the cat and called him Kirlee as a reminder of his curly coat.
Kirlee was given to a Cornish Rex breeder but to their great surprise the litter produced
only straight-coated kittens. This anomaly revealed that the genetic originof the Devon and
Cornish coats is due to different genes, both recessive, the result of a spontaneous mutation. .
Mis Cox then attempted to mate Kirlee with a female, Golden Rain
(who had in fact been sired by Kirlee and was therefore the bearer of the rex gene):
the first generations of Devon Rex were born.

The Devon was officially recognized as a breed in 1967 by the Governing
Council of the Cat Fancy (the most important feline association in Great Britain).
Thereafter several cats were exported to the United States, where they were recognized
as a breed also by other associations. The Cat Fancier’s Association, for example,initially
did not consider the differences between the two Rex breeds:
it only granted the separate registration in 1979 and in 1983 allowed access to the championships


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